From Yale University to UN Youth Assembly with GEEBIZ

What a week! With +7h from Romanian time, one has to get used really fast with morning in the noon and going to sleep in the morning. Almost every day means a new city and one or two meetings.

We started with Yale University – social entrepreneurship club, environmental department. By the way, the students with whom we built green business models on spot within the GEEBIZ workshop were simply wonderful! Also the people from New York City Development Corporation were opened to discuss with us at the macro level, besides the specific projects we were representing there.

In the end, we were invited to study the “Greener, Greater New York” Plan. We started focusing on the green economy, especially at the medium and long term strategy development level.

Back on the road, we head to  International Youth Foundation and then to Education for Employment Foundation. Both institutions have special programmes allocated to social entrepreneurship, and green initiatives are encouraged. This means cooperation opportunities for the GEEBIZ project.

The meeting with  the Inter-American Development Bank meant a lot for me. They wanted to hear details about our creative recycling project. Furthermore, I’ve also sent a video message to the youth in Latin America, the youth that represents a big percentage of our Facebook page for creative recycling.  This is how you make creative links. :)

New York, New Heaven, Baltimore, Washington DC and then New York again. Honestly, I was running out of energy and I was very nervous for the UN Youth Assembly that was about to come. Happily, meeting this wonderful young people was like an energy cocktail. And I’m not talking only about the actual presentation (to be found bellow), but also about those moments when young people come to you and tell you that they want to bring the creative recycling movement in their own highschool in New Jersey, or back home in Kenya or India. They invited me to go to their highschools and talk about creative recycling or they ask me if they can contact me or bring our project’s idea home.

Of course, I say! This was the idea from the beginning, that the creative recycling movement does not have a owner, but represents a community and everybody can be part of it.

In fact, the dream is to bring creative recycling within the Romanian schools and not only. To make creative recycling an umbrella for environmental education and hand made education.

I will say the same I told to the youth at the UN Youth Assembly: I really believe we can be super heroes with no supernatural powers, especially within the green economy field!

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